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IES is one of the only minority-owned, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection engineering firms in the Memphis metropolitan area. We have engineers who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to every project and design.

Designing various facilities requires extensive experience and a highly knowledgeable team of individuals that utilize the right technology to design complex systems. IES's talented team has been able to meld together the latest technologies, sustainable design, and cost-saving measures to provide our clients with quality, affordable engineering consulting services. IES prides itself in building relationships by providing excellence in every project.

a look back in our history

During the recession of 2009, as many people became a victim of a declining economy and unstable job security, Jeremiah Watson chose to start his own engineering firm. After working for a few architectural/engineer firms in Memphis and Ohio, Jeremiah sought to build a firm that encompassed family values, out-of-the-box thinking, and attention to detail; which he had learned from his years of experience.

With the encouragement of friends, family and his former boss (Stephen Berger), Jeremiah named this venture Watson Consulting Engineers. Specializing in plumbing and fire protection design, Jeremiah quickly developed a network of clients and other engineers to work with.

Ryan Hertter started Hertter Mechanical Services in 2010 and was introduced to Jeremiah by another colleague. They immediately clicked and began teaming up on designing projects. After working individually for several years, they decided to join forces to provide mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection design services under one umbrella. In 2014, they formed Innovative Engineering Services with the charge to provide exceptional design services that cater to their client's needs and budget, while using new methods and different/creative ideas.

Since that time, Jeremiah and Ryan have compiled a team with over 80 years of collective engineering experience.

Those Behind The Company

Meet Our Experts

Kyle Anthony


Haider Barrak

Mechanical Engineer

Pat Hagan

Electrical Designer

Ryan J. Hertter

PE, LEED AP, Principal

Paula Jennings

Office Manager

Jake MacFerran

Mechanical Engineer

Ed McAfee

Plumbing/FP Designer

Rod Mitchell

Plumbing Engineer

Andy Standley

EIT, Electrical Engineer

Min-Seo Song

EIT, CeT, Electrical Engineer

Jeremiah E. Watson

PE, LEED AP, Principal

Our Firm's Credentials:

3 - Registered Professional Engineers

2 - LEED Accredited Professionals

Certified Electronics Technician (CETa)

Certified Plumbing Designer (CPD)

Certified LSB, DBE & MBE

(Registrations held in the following States: Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Louisiana, Florida, and Kentucky)